Model In The Making

I’ve always loved using my Nikons to take pictures of my little sisters. In my eyes they have so much potential when it comes to being in front of the lens. Even though sometimes I have to beg them- the images turn out amazing. One thing I do appreciate is they’ve given me the ability to improve my photography skills over the years and that helps with showing me how far I’ve come and also what I need to work on. From capturing my very first few photos until now, I definitely see a tremendous improvement in my work and I thank my little sisters for that! Soon I’ll be working on building my portfolio and more frames will be available.

-These photos were taken on January 24th, 2018 in Yorktown, Virginia


What Regrets?

No matter how much I’ve ever experienced in life, I will never regret anything. No matter the pain I have ever felt, I will never regret anything. No matter how tough it has been to get out of certain situations, I will never regret anything. No matter the consequences to any decisions I’ve ever made, I will never regret anything. I will never regret anything I have ever endured during my lifetime. You live and you learn and that is the best part about life!



Sometimes some of the best art work lives in your own state. I took these photos during a breakfast outing with a good friend. Stopping to take pictures was definitely a MUST

These photos were taken Downtown Norfolk, Virginia on December 22nd, 2017



I’m obsessed with murals specifically in the city. They bring so much life to an area that doesn’t seem like too much. I could be in one of the roughest neighborhoods ever but the art will interest me the most. It’s like putting a cherry on top of a regular vanilla ice cream cone.

-These photos were taken in the streets of Los Angeles, California on January 5th, 2018

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