About Cee


I’m just your normal everyday plain and simple gal with a super goofy and bubbly personality. Twenty-six years young and ready to retire right away! I’m usually called a rebel because of my strong differences of the average person. Very straightforward and never afraid to voice my opinions when it comes to anything. I live my life by the day and just push for the best outcome honestly. I’m all about living in the moment and making life as fun as possible even when it’s hard. I say when it’s hard because I live with major depression, anxiety, and PTSD and those illnesses aren’t always fun to live or deal with. But for the most part, I make the best of it and “live a little”! Unlike a lot of people I have an amazing support system and they keep me well balanced so I’m grateful for that.

I never admit it but I’m extremely lost in this world and writing has always been my “go to”. When I’ve written in the past I felt like tons had been lifted off my chest even if it didn’t resolve the issue. For years I’ve kept binders of notes venting and just keeping up with daily life. I guess it really paid off in the long run for me as far as stress and bottling things go. I’m not a religious or spiritual person so I never pray or have false hopes about things getting better. Therefore I take things day by day and just see what happens. I live off of a “whatever happens happens” and “live a little” lifestyle and I feel like it makes life so much easier!

I must say I’m beyond excited for this website and hoping to get a lot of feedback, debates, opinions, etc on what I post. What I post will never be meant to offend anyone so please don’t take anything personal!