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Self-Medication With Mary Jane

Another reason I was extremely thrilled to move to California- the legalized use of marijuana! It is available for both medical patients and recreational users so everyone can enjoy the herbs. I always felt weed helped me in the past but it gets risky living somewhere where you could easily be charged for possession of such beauty.

There was a time when both my doctor and therapist suggested the herb but they quickly warned me of the consequences. Virginia made it legal for them to prescribe it but apparently they never passed the possession bill… What sense did that make? Pretty backwards but hopefully soon they’ll get on the wave and adjust those laws.

Weed gets so frowned upon but people have absolutely no idea how beneficial it is. One of my goals was to be able to drop all of my antidepressants and mood suppressants so I could rely on something far more natural. The worst part of taking meds for me was the excessive weight gain. In just four months (September 2017-January 2018) I had gained over fifteen pounds and I could not figure out how or why. It wasn’t until I hit 145 pounds that it really started to bother me and I questioned my psychiatrist. She finally made me aware the cause was due to the medications and that completely BLEW ME!

I begin to eat healthier, I cut back on my Buffalo Wild Wings outings, I worked out, I drink way more water, and swapped medications numerous times. Still nothing was helping so I got even more depressed and I just gave up. I couldn’t stop taking the meds because I knew I needed them so I just dealt with the weight gain. My weight increased to 187 pounds the first month I moved to California and it was then when I decided to drop all of my medications. I refused to reach anything over and that was my word!

Because I’ve been so determined to lose all of the weight I explore a variety of dispensaries. In the midst of my visits I speak to numerous budtenders and receive education on the various types of marijuana and their benefits. Each experience has been different with some being more phenomenal than others. There’s such a wide selection so I haven’t committed to one dispensary or weed type just yet. I will say I most definitely love the perks of being a medical patient due to loads of discounts and hell of FREE items!

Since I’m able to use the herbs freely and regularly I have noticed a change in my weight and most importantly my mental health. Although it hasn’t completely removed my depression, my anxiety seems to be way more balanced since being diagnosed in December 2016. My sleep has been super amazing and uninterrupted most nights- I honestly couldn’t ask for any better medication at the moment.


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