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The Cali Blog Delay

Views of LA from the Jerome C. Daniel Overlook above the Hollywood Bowl.

Sooo… I’ve officially decided to continue on with the blog! I figured a break was all I needed to get my thoughts and mind together. And honestly, I wanted to get completely settled in California before I returned. So I’m here and should be here to stay!

I must say it has been pretty interesting so far. I haven’t done anything too extravagant just yet but I’m definitely looking forward to it! Local exploring and adjusting to the new environment has been my main focus lately. From the weather, the routes in the mountains, the excessive Los Angeles traffic, my first views of the desert for miles on, having to pay for shopping bags, the extra recycling charges, etc- so much is different from back home on the East Coast.

Palm Trees
Beautiful palm trees of Hollywood.

Even though I happen to live in the desert, the weather has been amazing! I was a little distraught after hearing it only rains about eight times out of the year but I guess I can deal with that. I’ll just be able to appreciate the rain even more when it does pour! It has been nice and sunny throughout the days but the temperature drops drastically when the sun begins to set here in the desert. Being that I commute to work the weather is much better in the city closer to Metro Los Angeles- that’s a huge plus because I’m always able to experience it.

Commuting to work has been kind of a hit or miss situation. The first week was rough and challenging but I survived. The traffic driving into LA is bizarre and unbelievable even on the weekend. By Monday my hour and fifteen minute commute turned into THREE HOURS due to traffic. Luckily I left my home by six in the morning to get to work before ten – crazy I know! Most ask if my job is even worth it- right now the answer is NO but it will soon pay off! It just made more sense to transfer with my company than to move with no type of employment…*shoulder shrugs. I’m grateful I was moved to a closer store so that worked out okay for me.

Views of National Angeles Forest
The beauty of alternative routes; National Angeles Forest.

Besides traffic the scenery while commuting has simply been a sight to see. I’ve always loved nature so the mountains and canyons have been mind blowing. When I take the mountains to work I always pull over for extreme fresh air and snap super dope pictures with my phone. It always makes me feel like I want to get another Nikon DSLR so maybe I’ll get one soon! I recently upgraded from the iPhone 8 to the yellow XR and I absolutely love it I(the camera) for now so we shall see.

In the midst of adjusting to my new home I’ve been experiencing a bit of depression but I believe it’s solely due to being homesick and my temporary position at work. This is my first time far away from home so it definitely takes some getting use to. My close friends and family are literally a call away instead of a simple drive away so that has been challenging.  I do have my sister here in California so that is a huge plus. She does the best with making me feel back at home especially during the past few holidays. Soon I’m sure I’ll be able to meet some new friends and won’t feel as homesick anymore. 

Sister, Sister!
One of my first pictures with my sister after my big move!

Most of me is happy I decided to make the move but sometimes I feel otherwise. My goal is to make the best of this life changing experience and only move forward from there. There’s so much here to do in California and I’m just getting started. I will certainly try my best to stay motivated and updated with the blog so I won’t begin to slack again!!

Happy Holidays and Much Love to all, new posts will be published and following this one soon. Please always be sure to check out the Visuals page for dope images!


2 thoughts on “The Cali Blog Delay

  1. I AM SO GLAD YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT CLOSING THE BLOG ❤️! I am excited to read about your journey in California! Keep up the great work!!!

    (And seriously!? The traffic!? Holy Crap)


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