Closing the Site

The last few days I’ve been thinking and thinking and I’m close to making up my mind.

Although I’ve only been subscribed to this website for a few months, my interest is slowly coming to an end. I mean yes I have paid for the domain to last a year but I’m afraid my consistency to keep updated is failing. Loss of interest is a lifetime symptom of my mental health so I knew it would be coming soon.

I feel like once I move to California my interest in blogging will revamp and maybe I’ll come back. If so, the domain will remain the same with a fresh start. I do thank everyone for all of their support and for even taking time to visit my blog. As of right now I’m scheduled to delete on the 30th of this month. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to make up my mind for sure.

Thank you all and always remember to “live a little”!

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