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Okay, I’m Here

A work selfie since I practically live here.

Hey guys!

Here I go again practicing these horrible blogging tactics by not keeping updated. Oops!

The crazy thing about it is the fact that the Notes app in my iPhone is literally filled with unpublished posts. I swear I’m working on it and will probably end up publishing everything at once.

I’ve just been so busy with work (not really), crafting, and planning for my big move to the West Coast next month! I’m indecisive with blogging about before or after the move… I still have a few weeks to determine that so blahhh!

Besides that I’ve also been trying to figure out life and what’s best for me. By that I mean rethinking my wholeee life and goals for the better I guess. I feel like it will be easier when I actually make the move but we will see. Gosh, I’m just soo freaking excited about it all!

The main reason I am making this huge move is for the hopes of overcoming my major depression. I feel like a new environment is honestly what I need in my life. I need a fresh start from scratch with new memories, new friendships, new opportunities, new surroundings, a new lifestyle, and whatever else. I just need everything NEW!

The hardest part about leaving will be missing my family and maybe about two or three friends (they don’t really exist in my life).

My Mum is most definitely going to be the first person I call first thing in the morning each day, followed by my “8-Ball” (Grandpa). They are my backbones to life and keep me going for the most part. My Dad is my Number ONE supporter in life so he’ll be getting plenty of phone calls as well! Although they’re extremely sad (because I know they are) I’m leaving, I’m sure they can all understand this is in my best interest. **Giggles

No matter the outcome of my move, I’m damn sure going to make the best of it and I definitely plan on “Living A Little“!

To be continued….

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