“Angry Black Women” and Nail Salons

I always try my best to not make things a racial matter but when the shit is blatantly scattered in everyday life and in the media, how could I not?

Because I see it too often I guess I’ll finally speak on it from my point of view. Recently there was a brawl that happened in a nail salon but it wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last. Seeing the comments the racist people left under the matter is just too disturbing.

Women and men all over the world on average probably get their nails, toes, hair done once every two weeks or some more often than that. And I’m pretty sure all of these people pay for their services 99.7% of the time without complaining even if the services were horrible. But then you have the other .3% who just refuses to pay for such services and I can totally understand them.

Why is it such an issue for someone (who has been a loyal customer for years) to finally not be satisfied with services and doesn’t feel obligated to pay? A lot of people think it’s okay to show someone a picture of their desired styles and it not be completed accordingly. But for me and I’m sure others as well, that is just pure bullshit!

If I’m showing you or explaining my expectations, it should be done as so! Because if you as a business owner or employee can not fulfill my request, you either need to say so or decline the services immediately. We don’t pay for services to be someone’s “guinea pig”. We expect to pay for what we’re requesting from “experienced professionals”. Most of the workers probably aren’t even licensed or certified in the first place.

Asian people in America happen to be some of the most selfish business owners I’ve ever in my life seen. Especially when it comes to black women and their beauty/pampering needs. I could be going to a nail salon for months at a time, spending hundreds of dollars but as soon as a nail tech does something wrong– gluing a nail on extremely crooked, cutting fingernails or toenails too short, nipping cuticles numerous times, crappy polishing, unevenly shaped nails, uneven eyebrows, ETC- there’s an issue with me wanting the work redone.

They want you to pay for shitty services instead of fixing the mistake or using a simple apology and that is just UNACCEPTABLE! People could argue not paying for the shitty services is thieving but what does that make a business who constantly makes mistakes and expect for services to be paid for? Seems pretty fraudulent to me! It’s just as shopping online for an item and when you receive the product, it’s nothing like the description or shown pictures. You’re able to return the product possibly with a small fee at times but you’re still able to return it.

Someone made the comment that “black women are always looking for freebies” and I thought that was completely false. I know for a fact there has been many times I should have gotten some kind of compensation for shitty services but I still paid. But then after a while I would just stay until the ending results would be to my satisfaction. The thing with that is Asian people always having a fucking attitude and act as if they can do no wrong. They’ll first try to make an excuse about their work, call over (in their language talking shit) everyone else for a second opinion, they’ll say everything is okay, and then they expect for that to be the end and for you to pay and leave. I DON’T THINK SO! Either you’re going to fix the problem or you won’t be getting paid and it’s as simple as that.

And the sad part is most people are aware of the complications (attitudes from the workers) that comes from shitty hair/nails jobs but they say nothing, they pay, and they leave without ever mentioning anything. Then you have those who are shamed for not feeling obligated to support such shitty work. There’s nothing wrong with voicing your opinions on services you’re paying your money for especially when there’s other establishments willing to perform better services. Too bad most of these nail salons are owned by Asian people who all have the same mentality and know absolutely nothing about customer services.

There are too many people who make a fuss about their butchered hairstyles, nails, wax jobs AFTER they’ve already paid for the services! They’re too frightened to speak up and say they’re dissatisfied so instead they go to social media, post horrible reviews, don’t ask the stylist for a solution and that is their problem. I could see if the business was losing out on a lot of money but they aren’t. They pay little to nothing for products that last months at a time and overcharge to the fullest.

Don’t fault an “angry black woman” for finally having a voice on services she’s been supporting for years! Don’t fault an “angry black woman” for finally being fed up with shitty services! Don’t fault an “angry black woman” for Asian people not understanding good customer service skills! Don’t fault an “angry black woman” for not receiving the services she expected to pay for! And damn sure don’t fault an “angry black woman” for being quoted an amount BEFORE services and the cost increasing AFTER services because the workers are well known for doing that as well!

Black women are always depicted as “wild angry animals” when things go wrong but there’s always that, “perspectives would change if it were another race” theory….. Luckily for me I’ve decided to no longer support nail salons and will continue to pamper myself. If others were to do the same, a lot of these businesses would fail.

Be grateful for black women and their services (:

………….*shoulder shrugs.

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