My Life

My Absence and Social Media

If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it


My smile will always be present no matter what I endure.

Recently I decided to take a month away from my blog but not because I wanted to. I just haven’t been in the “writing spirits” lately. For some reason I’ve been experiencing high levels of stress that has caused me to not be interested in anything. I haven’t been interested in people, my hobbies, or my job so it was time for a break. I will say I’ve noticed that writing really does help relieve stress and I try my best to keep updated with doing so.

Although I hadn’t published any new blogs I am able to see the traffic on my site has been increasing tremendously by the day. I thank everyone so much for that and it actually motivated me to come back and write more!

Each day I could write about so much but the problem is, how much do I really want the world to know? I’m always told I could make millions from a book about my life but I don’t think I would want to expose that much. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll be able to change my mind.

In the midst of taking a break from blogging I also decided to officially delete my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Deactivating the accounts had always been something I would do periodically but now I’m done for good.

Social media is too toxic- not for me but for everyone else. The negativity it brings is beyond surreal.

The things people are allowed to post and share is getting more disturbing and reckless per post. People broadcasting live suicides and murders, the open racism and posts trying to divide our nation, those who are constantly recording to humiliate others, all of the ratchet fights, the annoying video challenges, all of the stupid ass theories of life or crime, everyone trying to be a “15 minutes” musician or comedian, etc. Its just a mixture of everything and I prefer to not waste my unlimited data on anymore of it.

But seriously, social media is getting to people’s heads a bit too much and it’s sickening to me. It’s like a lifestyle and one that I rather not have. I would only go on to voice my opinions with controversial topics for the most part, never to worry about others and what they have going on in their lives.

It was getting more annoying because although I love to debate, I found that people would debate with me entirely too much without having enough to argue about. It’s like they want to believe everything they see on social media instead of actually putting two and two together, doing some research, or to think about how fucking stupid they sound when trying to debate with me. Shit I clearly have no time for.

My friends list was filled with too many illiterate (based on how they type) people who couldn’t even hold a healthy conversation/debate without getting into their feelings instead of hearing others out. Like ohhh emmm geeee! Yes, I do understand debating but it isn’t supposed to cause issues in real life. I can’t put my energy into those who can’t see things from different point of views. I would never bring a topic up if I’m not willing to know other people’s opinions and some just can’t understand that. But yet they always want to put their two cents into something. Blahhh!

I also feel like social media is the cause for things constantly getting worse in the world. Or at least worse in the United States. It’s like things being posted are encouraging others to do so more than usual. It’s becoming more and more common but I blame the news as well. Some people would probably never commit such crimes, acts, or behaviors had it not been for social media or the news. But hey as Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover says, “This is America”.

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