My Life

Why I’m Not Apologetic

“I’m living my life while I still can, not caring about the looks I get. How many times do I have to tell you I don’t give a shit?”


I recently had someone ask me about my appearance on social media affecting my appearance within my work life. HAHA! The one thing about me that I personally love is the simple fact that I don’t allow social media to define me.

I don’t care about employers being able to “stalk” my sites because I just don’t. The reason being, my work speaks for itself. Just because I’m “wild” on social media doesn’t mean I’m the same at work- clearly. The customers I work with on the daily basis range in personalities, funds, professions, etc., and my personality is well beyond strong enough to adjust accordingly. I’m always professional when working even when I don’t want to be. Plus, there isn’t too much comparison from work and my social media as long as I’m respecting myself and not bashing my employer. Regardless of where I work I’m always going to speak my mind and be myself.  I WILL NOT live a life of “walking on eggshells” to impress ANYONE!

Another thing, I was not raised to be conservative and I will not live my life as such. I’m a fun, spunky, goofy, vibrant, blunt, well-outspoken individual and I refuse to be like others who choose to live miserably. I won’t be miserable fearing what others think of me. I’ll be damned! People sit and try to “protect” their image instead of being free and living a little. Then because they’re so bored they want to judge others because they wish they could do the same. But the thing is… they can! People act as if they can’t have a mind of their own. They feel they have to do everything “the right way” at all times and sorry not sorry but that just isn’t Cee.

I will forever be the free-spirited who will speak everything on my mind without hesitation. I will forever post whatever I want without the thoughts of others opinions. I will forever be myself and not who others think I should be or want me to be. I’ve been this way my entire life and will continue to stay the same until it’s my time “to go”. I’ll forever be free, comfortable in my own skin, and will never hide it from or for anyone! And honestly if there were more people like myself, the world would be a much better place. Stop worrying about what others think of you, break out of your shell, and enjoy life more- I promise it won’t kill you!

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