Transgenders and Prison


I am far from a Trump supporter- due to his childishness within his “Twitter Fingers” but I must say, I can definitely agree to a few of his Presidential decisions. The most recent being his roll back with transgender prison protection. Of course you have those from the LGBTQ community who highly disagree but why?

No matter how you look at it, a criminal is a criminal and that is just that. You can’t feel bad for someone and the consequences they face just for their desired identity issues. Life just doesn’t work that way fortunately.

Just like any other criminal, they did the crime and they were sent to their biological birth sex prison. If it were that easy and simple even the straight men or women would be falsely getting sex changes to be in a desired prison to commit even worst crimes. And that is honestly how I feel about most of these “cosmetic identity changed” individuals.

No, I’m not against any part of the LGBTQ community (I love everyone) but I’m tired of them always seeming as if they’re the “victims of America” when you have people being killed with their hands in the air. It’s like they feel privileged and that isn’t fair to the rest of the country.   

Prison laws shouldn’t be adjusted for criminals just because of their “cosmetic identity” change. Straight men were being raped in prison way before transgender individuals became a more known topic of discussion and nothing changed then. If they’re so worried about having to risk their life in prison then they should follow the law- it’s as simple as that!

Whether it’s a woman, man, “both“- if one commits a crime (especially a serious one) they definitely need to be sent to their biological birth sex prison. Solitary confinement could even be an option but they don’t deserve a “pass” for identity changes they created. If they want to be treated equally for everything else in life, well they need to be held accountable for their own actions and be equally punished in a prison they belong in. There is no “in between!


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