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Flaunt The Trophies

“If you’ve got her, FLAUNT her!” -CeeandtheHoot

Besides the fact of me being “crazy“…one reason I’m single is because I have yet to meet someone worth my time, energy, and love. Not saying that I don’t currently have options, but they are slim to none because I’m not exactly interested in all of my “choices“. I don’t know maybe it’s my generation or today’s society and the low expectations these women give to men/boys these days. Guys today are under the impression women are meant to be kept a secret and seeing nothing wrong with that. They want to get to know you through text messages and behind closed doors and that’s a problem. But due to low standards it’s becoming more accepting and that is pure BULLSHIT!

Although I’m only 25 years old and have only been in one relationship (18-22), I know from those four and a half years of my life exactly what to expect and what not. A woman should not be kept a secret if you’re so “into” her. I don’t want to hear, “I don’t like people in my business” or “I don’t take pictures.” Blahhh, it’s 2018 and pictures are “the way of life!” Not really, but that’s how most people perceive it in this day and age. As for me, YES– You better post me on your social media! I need to be showed off regardless if it’s on social media, family gatherings, employer events, business trips, nights out with friends- “OOKUURTTTT (Cardi B voice)!”

I am meant to be flaunted not hidden and I’ll stay single until I can meet someone to do just that without questioning. People are so worried about losing the fake fans and paparazzi when it comes to meeting someone they’re “truly interested” in. If you were truly interested you wouldn’t care about others and their opinions. You should be more than delighted to crow about that someone special to you. I feel like the same “loving” and goofy energy behind closed doors should be expressed just as much in public- Rated PG of course! Women are meant to be trophies, treat her as your prize and show her off like she’s the only girl in the world! And I’m not saying men don’t need the same exposure because it goes BOTH ways. Just do better but make sure you’re “LIVING A LITTLE” when doing so!

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2 thoughts on “Flaunt The Trophies

  1. You are absolutely right! You are too beautiful to be hidden in the shadows! The right one will come at the right time ! Don’t loose hope even in this generation lol

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