Daily Prompts

The Miserables

Ever wondered what life would be like if everyone just stayed in their own “bubble?” Or how much more positive our lives would be if they did? Although some would probably say boring and depressing, I beg to differ. When I say “bubble” I mean everyone minding their own business, tending to their goals, worrying about themselves, need I say more? Everyone is so damn worried about the next they can barely concentrate on themselves and what they need to work on. There’s people who don’t even have their own shit together trying to preach to others but can’t even practice it. But a hypocrite will always believe they’re right and that’s all there is to it.

You have people who patiently wait for others to fail so they can bash them. Or those who gossip like they’re in a hair salon talking about everyone in the neighborhood while spreading unproven rumors. Even some who creep on social media every minute of the day when they should be paying attention to their crying children, overflowing bathtubs, burning meals, unpaid electricity bills, their significant other cheating, etc. I often wonder if they do it because they aren’t doing so well themselves? Do they need to make themselves feel better within their shitty situation? I guess I’ll never be able to know the answer. But what I do know is if everyone knew how to “LIVE A LITTLE” within their own bubbles, life would be great!

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