Designs from Lines

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

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For some odd reason I like taking pictures of LINES. Although I’m more of an abstract art lover, line design and art is pretty interesting to me. Maybe because I’m such a simple person. Lines can make something so simple appear so dope to me! Whether it’s in a drawing, a piece of furniture or clothing, a fence, architecture, or a pier- from an artistic eye, lines can be fascinating. 

This scenery is located at Yorktown Beach in Yorktown, Virginia.

I can remember being enrolled into The Art Institute for Interior Design and having a perspective drawing class. Besides my digital courses, that class was probably the best! I learned how to draw a city, bedroom, country road, etc, all from the start of a tiny dot in the middle of the paper. It was cool being able to see my creation in 2-D just by drawing straight lines. Vertical and horizontal lines being used to make dope masterpieces- gotta love it! 

This scenery is located at Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton, Virginia.

When I review photos I snap of lines I truly admire my vision. Most of the time it’s the lines that spice up the image- especially if I capture them as a perspective viewpoint. They just make the images more engaging. My favorites would be photos I snap of piers on the beach or even wooden objects surrounded by trees while on nature walks. Lines are everywhere and no matter what I’m doing, I’ll always be looking to take pictures using my creative eye. 


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