Her Life, Her Choice

Don’t base your decisions on the advice of those who don’t have to deal with the results.” -Unknown 


When it comes to unplanned pregnancies not everyone agrees with the outcomes. Whether a woman decides to keep or abort, it’s her decision. Some will argue that if you can have unprotected sex then you should deal with the “consequences” of pregnancy. I personally don’t agree because shit does happen. You can’t just automatically jump to conclusions that someone had unprotected sex. I mean, the condom could have popped because it’s more common than usual. A woman could have even experienced a sexual assault. But regardless, a woman is entitled to her own decisions.

I recently encountered a debate in regards to a young lady having an abortion. The situation was interesting because before she aborted, she had previously experienced a miscarriage. Of course due to her decisions it stirred up a lot of conflict within family. As for me, I could understand her resolution but others disagreed. Her reasoning to me was very acceptable and considering. She did what was best for her, her first child, and her current situation in life. She stated she didn’t want to bring another baby into this world without the father willing to participate. She also attempted adoption but the father would not sign the necessary documents. Therefore, she did what she knew was best for her and her future. But why is she being criticized about it?

As previously stated, the young woman miscarried her second child she had been overly excited about. Being that she really wanted the second child and was distraught after losing it, family members were extremely disappointed in her abortion decision. One argued that she’s just flat out against abortions and the young lady should have given birth regardless of the circumstances. She also argued that her reaction to losing her previous baby should have changed her mind. She was probably more attached to her second baby by her husband. I believe she didn’t have enough time to get attached to the last one and that could have made it easier. Even after the young lady explaining to her the reason for her actions her family member was still opposed. Had she had the proper support, she would have kept the baby. And honestly I don’t fault her for it because there are so many other children in this country suffering from their parents selfishness.

There are children in foster homes, shelters, the streets- all because their parents decided to be selfish! Having multiple babies out of the blue knowing they can barely take care of themselves. Or knowing they don’t have the proper support system but still move forward. Struggling to make ends meet and trying to prove they can manage on their own. But in reality, they’re just making shit worse! I applaud any and all women who have aborted due to them being honest with themselves. They made the best decision for their future and unborn child. They knew they weren’t ready or couldn’t afford it. And some will argue, “they could have given the baby up for adoption because some women can’t have babies”- but that isn’t the next woman’s problem! If a woman is unable to procreate, she has TONS of adoption centers with babies and older children waiting patiently for a parent(s). You can’t get upset with someone because of their different aspects of life. You can only live for you and what you believe in.

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