My Life

A Sister’s Love

“Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.”         -Unknown 

A dedication to ladies experiencing the progression of a relationship with a stubborn sister.

I’m sure at some point in life all siblings participate in altercations with each other. It could be due to a simple stealing of a piece of clothing, not getting the front seat, an accidental shove without apologizing, telling on one another, jealously of a friendship, and a whole lot more. But why the continuous issues when you should damn near be best friends? Especially when living in the same household and being raised together since birth. It’s something I’ve always wondered about with a couple of my sisters.

I happen to be the oldest of five sisters and have experienced constant issues with only two.

Luckily, one of my sisters and I were able to make up despite our rough times. It took for us to have a heart-to-heart for things to change. Growing up we could not stand each other and we fought and bickered all day everyday. I knew deep down I loved my sister but I don’t think she understood that at the time. After graduating from high school my sister decided to join the United States Navy. From that point, I knew we had to put our differences and past aside to better our relationship. I mean we are only two years apart so it made no sense for us to not be close.

I could not go on with life knowing my sister was not going to be home anymore and had something happened to her, I wouldn’t know what to do. So I made the first initiative to fix our relationship. We talked and begin to hang out her last few weeks home- hanging with her was actually fun. I just wish we had been able to get along prior but her stubbornness put a shield to that. I can honestly say that I’m happy my sister joined the Navy. I feel like the time apart caused me to miss her more than anything and the Navy changed her for the better.

Our relationship today is amazing, we say “I love you” before ending a call or text conversation, we discuss a lot, and we miss each other dearly. I’m proud to have my sister in my life and also proud to be a Navy Sister!

As for one of my younger sisters, we’ve been having a few rough patches here and there. Since there’s a ten year difference in age, it’s mostly hard to relate to her. I’m not one of those who believes in, “been there done that” because our lives and growing up were completely different. After numerous arguments with her, I begin to assume my own sister hated me. At first I didn’t really care but then it begin to bother me thinking about it. So I decided to have a heart-to-heart and we were able to put everything on the table to begin a fresh relationship. I must say the talk has definitely paid off and there has been changes for the better. Some times all it takes is hearing someone out for things to get better. I listened to what she had to say and I made her tell me everything that bothered her and she did the same. I’m glad we had that talk.

To be honest, I have always been very overprotective when it comes to my sisters and I believe that may have caused the most issues. No matter how much I wouldn’t want them to make the same mistakes as me, I have to remember that they are their own person and have to learn on their own. I just feel as though it’s my duty as a “big” sister to protect them- even though they’re all taller than me! One thing for sure, I love my little sisters and happy to have them in my life.

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