Comfort with Relations


In the midst of building friendships, relationships, or maybe even situationships- we often tend to get a bit too comfortable. Not to say the sense of comfort is wrong but it begins to change things. It begins to change actions, reveal unknown personalities, and even develops feelings. The comfort causes you to view the “relationship” in a different manner and from there it’ll either be a fail or success.

It literally takes “two to tango” with any form of relationship. Meaning if the feelings aren’t mutual then don’t expect things to work and run smoothly. If the other party isn’t meeting you at least HALF WAY- simply don’t waste your fucking time! If only I had taken my own advice previously, my life could have been way less stressful. There’s only so much ones heart can take emotionally and some motherfuckers just fail to realize that. Maybe it needs to take for them to experience it themselves.

Things can be going so great throughout a “relationship” but as soon as you express a few signs of feelings the shit begins to change. And the change is within the blink of an eye- it will either be for the better or worse. If it changes negatively at least you’ll be aware of it right away and can then decide if you want to continue with the relations. Then again, you have some little fuckers who are just misleading and makes it seem as though everything is okay when it isn’t. From the non-stop laughter when you’re in each other’s presence, the simple but satisfying dates, the sweet and cute texts and calls, the goofiness and playing around, the uplifting and encouraging words, to whatever else. You just start to get too damn comfortable and attached!

You’re having all of this fun so of course SOMEONE is bound to start having feelings! But why the issues after feelings are expressed? Why make such a huge deal out of someone’s feelings for you? Why fight it instead of accepting the fact that someone actually cares about you, wants nothing but the best for you, and could possibly be the greatest partner for you? You always get the, “I’m not ready for this right now” or “I don’t have my shit together bullshit. I won’t lie, I totally understand but at the same time people shouldn’t mislead if they don’t want someone to catch feelings. It’s just that simple or hmmm, maybe it isn’t. Maybe a person can see how much they don’t deserve you and don’t want to hurt you? But then again, I doubt it even when you know that’s the truth but you’re still willing to work on them.

Some people are scared to be hurt but you can’t let a few bad experiences determine your whole perspective on others. Especially when someone genuinely wants the best but you’re too afraid to put your pride to the side for a change. So many friendships are ruined due to crossing the “feelings” line and it’s sad but it shouldn’t be that way. We are HUMAN and no matter how much someone claims to have no feelings- WE ALL DO AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!

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