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Today’s word of the day is explore!


Exploring is something I love to do on my free time. Whether I explore my local crafting stores, my everyday environment, or places within my state (Virginia)- I just love to explore. Most of the time it is very random and just a “spare of the moment” type of thing. I tend to go out when I want to have a peace of mind or want to take pictures of whatever seems interesting to me. I mainly love taking pictures of nature because of its perfected beauty!

One of my favorite places to explore is the country. Some may find the country boring but for me it’s beyond amazing. Although I could never live in the country, I love the long roads with a few cars passing by, the cotton, corn, and tobacco fields, but most importantly the abandoned homes and businesses. I don’t know what it is about abandoned sites I love to explore but they interest me to the max! My first time exploring an abandoned home was back in 2010 when I went to visit a friend on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. Her parents had just purchased a farm house with a lot of land and a barn filled with antique items. Cool if I must say so myself! But the coolest part was the house across the street. The house had been sitting for years after a fire and I could not resist. Luckily for me, my friend was just as adventurous and agreed to check out the house with me. Inside the house was a wreck but there was a lot of interesting items especially the China dishes that were still in perfect condition. Due to the overall appearance of the house we didn’t stay for long fearing it would collapse. I did take plenty of pictures but unfortunately they’ve been misplaced. Once I find them I’ll attach to this post.

Another one of my favorite places to explore is the Appalachian Mountains. So far I’ve been twice and both times have been a great experience. To be exact I’ve hiked to McAfee Knob and will never regret the soreness of my entire body after the view! It is well worth the three-hour drive from my location and the hike to the top. It is extremely challenging but breathtaking at the same time. Packing a lunch and going during the spring time is probably the best experience. I first went in December 2014 and it was freezing at the top so I didn’t stay for long. I then went in May 2016 and it was ten times better. I had lunch at the top and explored deeper into the nature! Fun, fun, fun and I will be planning a visit soon so that will be exciting.

For years I’ve always said I wanted to buy a Volkswagen Bus and road trip all around the United States of America. Today I still have those plans on my “Bucket List” and hope to accomplish them sooner than later. I would love to have a friend or two experience the trip of a lifetime to make it more fun and exciting! We could explore the mountains, the famous Food Network restaurants, popular natural parks, amusement parks, museums, scenic sites, etc. And of course all while using cameras and documenting everything. I had once even considered possibly starting a YouTube channel of the travels. Who knows, I still have plenty of time to plan and get things situated.

Exploring can be fun and you learn so much in the process. Never be afraid to go out and see what more your environment, state, country has to offer. We often tend to have desires of traveling outside of our country but fail to realize what all our country truly has to offer. Things you want to experience and see really does exist in the United States of America or wherever you’re located- you just have to be adventurous and take the time to actually explore. I promise you won’t be let down! Go out and don’t forget to “LIVE A LITTLE”!

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