My Life

Thoughts of Sudden Absence


Man, where do I begin with this post? I honestly don’t know because it will be very hard to type…

Like seriously, could you ever imagine life without someone you love more than anything else? The person who makes you smile when you’re experiencing your hardest times in life. The person who you can call at any time of the day/night when you’re down. The person who gives you the most advice with anything. The person who understands you the most in life. The person who takes your side when you’re wrong but will also admit you’re wrong and explain why. The person who you see as the greatest to live in your lifetime. The person who has always wanted nothing but the best for you throughout your entire life. I mean words can not describe the greatness of this person and we all have to at least know one!

For me this “person” happens to be my Grandfather. Oh my goodness, words just can not describe how fucking grateful I am to have such an important individual in my life. And I’m not saying there isn’t anyone else in my life like him but this particular post is about HIM! He is my “8-Ball” and I’m his “Cue Ball”. My Grandpa has been there for me from the very beginning until this very moment. He has been my best friend for years on top of years. He has been there through everything I’ve needed him for in life. And when I say “needed” I don’t mean physically giving me anything- I mean he was there when I needed to talk the most. The times I’ve needed a smile during my darkest moments, he’s been there and will continue to do so. My Grandpa has never ever once judged me about anything I have ever spoken to him about- including my deepest secrets. He has even been there in the middle of the night to answer my phone calls. Our bond has been one others dream of and it is something I’ve never taken for granted and never will. From calling him “Daddy” as a youngster to “Grandpa” growing up just goes to show our bond from the very start. Never once turning his back on me for anything in my life. He’s the perfect Grandpa anyone could ever wish for and I would never trade him for anything in this world.

I love my Grandpa so much and proud to say he has really helped with making me the woman I am today. Although I could not imagine my life without him, I am always sure to cherish all of our previous and future moments together. All of the hugs, advice, laughs, sweets and candies, surprise pop-ups, stories from his past, photos and silly videos will forever keep me happy.

Adore your love ones and remember that nothing is promised tomorrow. Just don’t forget to “live a little” in the process!

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