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Stop The Silence


Sometimes in life we encounter the unexpected. An unexpected that can’t be explained. An unexpected that is troubling. An unexpected that is oddly shameful. And when we do, we stay in silence. But why the silence? Why not just express or come out of the dark about it? Why is it so hard to admit something so deeply troubling? And foremost why even be ashamed about it? Whether the issue has occurred to you or someone else, why not speak up about it?

I honestly don’t have an answer for any of the questions asked because I struggle with silence myself. As I get older I’m learning to cope and be free of the reasons causing my silence. But sometimes it gets extremely hard to not have that sense of relief. I often feel that although I have plenty of people to vent to, there are just some things that can be too complicating to speak of to others. And therefore, I hold it in and try to deal with it alone. Some situations are too shameful when they shouldn’t be. In other situations the issues causing my silence become repetitive but it will always be hard to break silence about it. And that is definitely something I continue to work on everyday.

But for others, why the silence? Is it because you’re scared? Embarrassed? You don’t want others to worry about you? Do you think it’s okay and normal? Are you unable to trust anyone with knowing? Or simply just lost and feel alone within the situation? So many questions to be asked and hopefully for you the silence will be broken soon. Find ways to cope and get the relief you deserve! You’ll feel ten times better and will be able to live more “freely” with happiness!

“Stop the silence, speak the truth…”


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