What’s Best For You?


You ever think about one of the hardest decisions you have ever made? Did it benefit you for the better or did it make things worse? What would your life be like now had you made the other decision? Do you think you’d be happy or regretting life? I mean they do say, “everything happens for a reason”. I honestly don’t believe in the saying but hey- whatever floats your boat! You may not have yet experienced a difficult decision in your life just yet- who’s to say you won’t?

We all want to make the perfect decisions but sometimes we can’t control what happens within the futures of our lives. We just hope for the best and expect to accomplish our goals. But the best way to accomplish our goals is to make decisions specifically leading to do so. If you have multiple options don’t instantly jump the gun and choose immediately. Weigh out your options, determine the pros and cons of each opportunity, and then take a few days to consider/reconsider. You may realize that your least preferred alternative could possibly be more beneficial to you.

I mention this topic because I’m currently in this situation with my present “career” opportunities. My current occupation is an easy everyday job but my manager makes it so complicated. Since I’ve started he has proven to be everything my coworkers said he would be. And of course me, I don’t listen to people- I just observe and then determine my opinions based on experience. Unfortunately, my coworkers won this time but still, I’ll always observe and determine my thoughts in the future. The reason my job is so complicating is because my manager doesn’t exactly know how to manage our store. From my first week I’ve been able to see the disadvantages and extreme needs of improvement of our location. Due to the lack of interest from my manager, our business has been horrible and causing a lot of conflict and hostility within the workplace. All of which has been causing shitty performance and customer service. Since I’m extremely particular on excellent customer services my workplace has been stressing me beyond the max!

Throughout my horrible experience with my current place of employment, I have been applying to numerous jobs. Which of course leads to numerous interviews, rejections, and offers. Although I’ve been offered multiple positions, I’ve also rejected most. I’ve mainly rejected them due to the pay or just hesitant with new beginnings. I don’t want to accept an offer and then not be happy. I was recently finally able to accept an offer elsewhere so that is exciting. The part that isn’t exciting is making the final decision. One part of me really wants to start fresh with a new career and lifestyle- another part of me wants to wait it out and see if things will eventually change for my current position. I’ve been waiting weeks for change and it’s seeming to be almost impossible. I do have about a week to make my final choice so we shall see what happens and I’m confident it will be for the better.

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